Food in Oaxaca

One thing that I will definitely miss about my experience in Mexico is the food.  The food in Oaxaca is incredible.  The food is made fresh everyday with ingredients from the local markets.  The local markets here could be compared to farmer’s markets back in the states.  Except they are like 5 times the size … Continue reading Food in Oaxaca

“El Verano en Oaxaca” Amazing Video Documentary!!

Matt Ornstein, a student that unfortunately studied in Oaxaca before my arrival put together an amazing video documenting his time in Oaxaca.  I don't think you could possible sum up the Oaxacan experience in 3 minutes and 34 seconds better than this. MUST WATCH VIDEO!

fifa world cup brazil graffiti

World Cup Graffiti

One thing that is really special about Oaxaca is the street art. On almost every street you walk down you will find a captivating graffiti mural. Many people here believe that street art is the most democratic form of expression. Everyone can see it, and it is made by the people. I was lucky enough to … Continue reading World Cup Graffiti