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World Cup Graffiti

One thing that is really special about Oaxaca is the street art. On almost every street you walk down you will find a captivating graffiti mural. Many people here believe that street art is the most democratic form of expression. Everyone can see it, and it is made by the people. I was lucky enough to … Continue reading World Cup Graffiti

There’s No Place Like Home

[Disclaimer on title worth booing: Kansans are allowed only a certain number of Wizard of Oz jokes in a lifetime and I've probably already almost exhausted my allowance at age 20.] I'm sitting on the couch in the basement of the house I grew up in watching Law & Order with one puppy asleep on … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home

Studying Abroad According to Jim Carrey

I never thought I would say that I've taken life lessons from Jim Carrey, but here I am on my last day in Costa Rica, and that's really all that's coming to mind. I never really got homesick, I'm not sad to leave yet, but I'm just really dreading packing so I've been procrastinating by … Continue reading Studying Abroad According to Jim Carrey